Threading is an ancient beauty treatment that gently removes facial hair. Originated in the Middle East, threading has been practiced for centuries in many parts of the world. It is more precise, non-irritating and suitable to all skin types.

Threading is traditional hair removal technique for the modern woman. Hair is removed swiftly by using a piece of thread, leaving the skin smooth and clean. A loop is made with thread, placed on skin in opposite direction of hair growth and pulled out. Threading allows the stylist to give your brows a more precise shape, highlighting your eyes and and sophisticating your look.

$8 Eyebrows | $12 Eyebrow & Lip | $17 Eyebrow, Lip & Chin | $50 Full Face | $55 Full Face & Neck

Special selected honey wax formulas are used to effectively remove hair safely and gently. Honey Wax is made with Azulene to help calm the skin during waxing. Rest assured here at Salon Rivaz we have strict sanitation procedures in our waxing techniques. You can feel safe and assured with our waxing services.

Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using products from their dermatologist (Retina A, Accutane, etc.), as skin can be more sensitive. Also anyone using any over the counter topical exfoliants, please advise your wax therapist.

$10 Eyebrows | $10 Sides of Face | $70 Full Face

Body Waxing | $28 Full Arms | $15 Half Arms | $10 Underarms | $40 Full Legs | $25 Half Legs | $45 Brazilian | $18 Bikini Line | $30 Stomach | $30 Back | $30 Front Body | $165 Full Body