Healthy hair is an essential component of beauty. At Rivaz, we work with nature to amplify that beauty through a personalized hair design that compliments your unique bone structure and style. Our stylists have a sophisticated understanding of the subtleties of color: How just the right shade can transform your skin to bring out your natural glow. 

$15 Men's Cut | $20+ Ladie's Cut | $25+ Shampoo & Blow Dry | $55 Cut, Style, Shampoo & Blow Dry | $35 Color | $50+ Highlights | Thermal Treatment - Perminent Hair Straightening $250+ (depending on length) *Now 10% OFF 

WARM OIL SCALP TREATMENT $35 | 30 mins (includes shampoo)

Discover the ayurvedic secret to gorgeous hair! Warm oil is massaged into the scalp, neck and shoulders to relax, repair and nourish. This helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening current hair. Softens and conditions the hair, making it more manageable and increasing hair luster and vibrancy!